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Social media


The Business team manages our Instagram and tiktok. They are tasked with coming up with creative ideas to keep viewers engaged and watching. They also manage view counts and responding to comments.

Instagram: xtremeheat223

TikTok: xtremeheat223


This division plans and executes fundraisers like the St. Joseph’s Toy Drive and any dine to donates. this team is in charge of ensuring these events run smoothly and ensure that both the team and the host are fully informed. 

the business department also handles all communication with our amazing Sponsors and directly contacts possible new sponsors. We also help organize the annual gold outing for the members associated with our sponsors. 


Award nominations

The team creates a newsletter every one to two weeks updating our sponsors and followers about our progress. This newsletter contains a piece on each one of our teams and pictures taken throughout the week of important events.

The business team is also responsible for completing and submitting any and all award opportunities. the main award we shot for is the Woodie flowers award. We are hoping to branch out in the coming years as our team expands.

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